..inside Islam

1. Inside Islam
Het is de op een na grootste religie in de wereld en momenteel de snelst groeiende. De naam komt van het woord ‘vrede’ maar voor veel westerlingen staat de islam voor terrorisme.

Inside Islam gaat dieper in op de mysteries achter dit geloof. Een geloof dat vaak niet wordt begrepen. De documantaire volgt de wortels van de Islam terug naar de Hebreeuwse Bijbel. Ontdek de vijf pilaren, de centrale grondbeginselen, die hebben geholpen dit geloof te verspreiden tot in ieder uiteinde van de wereld. House of Knowledge neemt je mee in het heilige geloofsschrift. De Koran, waarin wordt uitgelegd hoe de Islam staat tegenover onderwerpen als oorlog en geweld.

Inside Islam is een verhelderende, belangrijke maar bovenal objectieve documantiare die het hart van deze religie, gehuld in controverse, bloot legt.
(uit: http://www.berneboek.com/3257_dvd_inside_islam)

Deze video in het Duits

Engelse recensie:
Watching this enthralling documentary, one inevitably wonders how Islam, a beautiful religion, could have become synonymous with fear and hatred, even after 9/11. Inside Islam explores the historic and poetic wellspring of the Muslim people and illuminates startling commonalities among Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Shades of difference between Islam’s foundation and that of its counterparts prove more fascinating than divisive, e.g., Islam claims a direct line with Abraham via the latter’s cast-off son, Ismael, while Judaism is linked to Abraham’s more favored child, Isaac. Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the angel Gabriel each play major roles in the Quran; it was Gabriel, in fact, who transmitted the Word of God to the 40-year-old, seemingly ordinary Muhammad in the 7th century, making him extraordinary to millions today. Sure, anti-Western sentiment creeps into the story, but in every important way Inside Islam is an antidote to gross anti-Muslim bigotry. –Tom Keogh This is a good documentary and present islam in the right perspective. I can say this because i am a muslim and I believe in what is shown in this film. For those who think this is biased, when you compare Islam, compare it to christianity as followed by 1st generation christians or Judaism as followed by first few generations of jews after Mosses. Islam is a religion and Quran just says what God (Allah) wants from us just like the bible or Torah does. To follow it or not is entirely our decision. For example most muslim countries doesn’t follow sharia. Most muslim countries are dictatorships or kingships, both are unislamic. In most cases people develop bad opinion about islam because they compare what is in quran to US constitution rather than the original bible. To add to this people assume the atrocities prevalent in muslim majority countries is because Quran says so, you will be surprised by reality. Just read a translation of quran from a good muslim scholar, not the ones written by those who oppose Islam. The one by Md Marmaduke Pickthall is the best in english. Islam is still followed so strictly by such a huge majority of humans even in the wake of such a huge opposition, should make people think, it must have something good in it, make an honest attempt to know it, maybe you are missing something that is best thing you can have.

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